Men's Across the Body Bags That Don't Look Like Purses

Mens across the body bags


There is a good reason why across the body bags have became so popular for men. Aside from being extremely convenient, they also provide a stylish solution for carrying everyday essentials.

The problem is that too many of these across the body bags resemble women's purses a bit too much.

Luckily, we have developed three different men's cross body bags designed specifically for a more functional and masculine look. Each cross body bag provides a unique set of features allowing us to offer a cross body bag for any activity.

Let's dig into the specifics of each cross body bag so you can make a decision based on your individual needs.

1. West Slope Chest Bag

Cross Body Bag For Everyday Use

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The Chest Bag by West Slope is our newest cross body bag. This bag is the most versatile when it comes to how it's used. While our other cross body bags are best to use when engaged in an outdoor activity such as skiing or hiking, the Chest Bag can be used for just about anything, including everyday use.

Recommended Uses

With a little over 1L of storage space, the Chest Bag works best when you need to store only your essentials. For example, your phone, earbuds, and wallet. The Chest Bag can fit any phone, and even the bulkiest of phone cases.

This cross body bag is also great when you're engaged in an activity such as training, running, or hiking. Because it's very slimline and holds snug to your body, you don't have to worry about it moving around and hindering your performance.

It's also a great pack to wear at the airport or while traveling for easy access to your travel essentials.


  • The Chest Bag's low profile allows you can wear it over or under your jacket or hoodie.
  • The front-based design allows you to keep your items safe and in full view.
  • This pack is extremely lightweight so you won't even know you're wearing it.
  • It's made from weatherproof materials, including waterproof zippers.
  • The Chest Bag has a secure flexible fit and is padded for comfort.
  • Large enough to hold all standard cellphones and phone cases.

2. PRO-180X Chest Pack

Ample Storage, Sleek Design

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The PRO-180X Chest Pack was the first pack we developed, and it sold out quickly! The PRO-180X is a cross body bag first developed as a way to carry more gear while engaging in adventure sports such as skiing, mountain biking, motorcycle, snowmobiling, etc.

The PRO-180X is also our most spacious pack, with just over 6L of storage space. It's large enough to hold an entire lunch, without getting in the way of what you're doing.

This pack still remains our most popular pack, and for good reason. It's extremely versatile, rugged, and stylish.

Recommended Uses

The PRO-180X was initially developed for action sports, namely, skiing and mountain biking. However, as the design of the cross body bag has evolved, customers have expanded how they use the pack.

One of the reasons the PRO-180X works so well for skiing is because it's comfortable on the ski lift. Traditional backpacks are difficult to wear while skiing because you have to lean forward on the lift.

This bag also makes a great pack for biking because of how convenient having everything front loaded can be. It's difficult to stop an activity and dig through a backpack. This pack solves that problem.

Ultimately, we developed the PRO-180X to use for any sport or activity where a front pack design is useful.


  • Perfectly contours to the user's body, which minimizes bulk and increases mobility.
  • Provides a storage system with ample space, yet a sleek design.
  • The entire pack is padded for comfort.
  • The front is airmesh for added breathability.
  • Materials are weatherproof, including waterproof zippers.
  • 6L of storage, which is large enough to carry a bottle of water or a can of beer.


3. PRO-180 Slim

Designed For The Active Lifestyle

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The PRO-180 Slim was designed for those who are engaged in activities where a slim, lightweight bag is needed for performance and comfort. A great example would be trail running. The great thing about the PRO-180 Slim is that it provides enough storage space for your essentials without hindering your performance.

In addition, it provides about the most convenient way to across your phone out of any packs we know.

Recommended Uses

We recommend you use the PRO-180 Slim whenever you need a relatively lightweight pack that won't negatively affect your ability to perform an activity such as running.

It's also great when you simply don't need to carry very much gear with you. For example, it works great on a short bike ride.


  • Easy access to your phone while you're on the go.
  • Slim, close-fitting storage for when agility is required.
  • Extremely lightweight, yet rugged.
  • Secure and snug fitting.
  • Highly adjustable for any size.
  • Breathable airmesh for comfort.
  • Fits any standard cellphone and phone case.
  • Materials are weatherproof, including waterproof zippers.


Which Men's Across The Body Bags Are Best For Me?

When you are choosing a cross body bag, you should consider the primary instances in which you will be using the bag. For example, if you're looking for a bag for everyday use, the Chest Bag is your best bet.

On the other hand, if you're going to be engaging in an activity such as skiing or biking, the PRO-180X is probably the best choice because it's suited for all-day use.

Lastly, if you need a slightly smaller cross body bag, the PRO-180 Slim is probably your best bet.